About me

Hi, my name is Kofi Afrifa Agyeman,the author of this blog. I am a dependable, innovative, and hardworking Software Engineer with leadership experience. I have a wide variety of IT experience ranging from System Modelling, System Engineering,Embedded system programming, Web app development, Mobile programming and Electronics.

I possess dedication and passion for technology and take pride in producing the highest quality work. I am a good team player who has worked with a lot of people on different projects.
Have excellent technical skills,moderate communication skills, and goal-focused professional offering 7years of experience in Computer industry. I am motivated and enthusiastic by new challenges and tasks and take excellent approach to achieve success in all projects. I like to work in a complex projects which have scope for learning and challenges. Have expertise in various quality process and techniques by which I efficiently took care of quality deliverables of myself and my team which helped in gaining satisfied customers for the organization.

I like fufu served with light soup and Goat meat and Red-Red (popularly known as Gari and beans). I Like movies with Avatar being my favorite move ever.


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